Design It

This is the exciting first phase of your new website. We will utilize all of our talent and experience to create unique Home Page mock-ups to show you various design possibilities. Once your new "look" has been established, we will apply it to all web pages throughout your site. The final result will give your website a professional, cohesive look.


Build It

Your website mockup will be posted on a private internet website to enable you to view the development of your web pages - live on the internet; anytime 24/7. This second phase involves producing the actual HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery and database driven pages, powered by PHP and MySQL web database applications and other instructions that will allow your web pages to be interactive and to function properly. Final descriptive page content (like you're now reading), plus buttons, links and rollovers must be created, tested and added to the site. Other necessary tasks such as developing inter-site page navigation, cross-browser compatibility, creating contact information and/or location maps will be developed and installed.

At this second stage, optional features such as Flash animation and other unique special effects will be created and added. Features like shopping carts, payment gateways, search engines, calculators, passwords and security elements can be built and added as desired. We will work closely with you to build and fine-tune your website until it is finished, tested, and ready to upload to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Post It

Upon the finalization of your website and upon your approval, your new website will be uploaded to your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) Server. Once your website is operational, we offer maintenance and site upgrades on an ongoing or periodic basis.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In today’s website world, ranking is everything! Everyone scrambles to insure that their website will appear first on Google and other search engine pages. Search engine companies utilize “web bot spiders” that work tirelessly to examine all websites on the internet and rank each webpage according to its content, relevancy, activity, content updates, pertinent links, as well as participation in social media and many other factors.

Search engine optimization is exactly what the phrase implies - optimization. To optimize your website and provide the greatest opportunity to improve your prominence in search engine ranking, we build each website to be “web bot friendly.”

Search engine optimization involves a myriad of elements and factors such as comprehensive site maps, well-written relevant page content, effective URL page titling, carefully generated target keywords, accurate metatags, and optimized webpage images, that all assist search engine spiders to find and accurately index your entire website content.

Call on IMAGE SERVICES to improve your existing website or provide a new site with a streamlined and optimized structure that provides maximum website performance while maintaining a balance between the needs of your viewer and the needs of the search engines.


Free Webpage Test

We have powerful website testing applications that can examine your existing website in detail and show you areas that need attention. Give us a Call! We’ll provide a few sample test pages at no cost. Call 209.579.5516 for a free web page test.